There are several things going on this month, but the most important is Valentine’s Day approximately 95% of the population. The dilemma is always what do I get my sweetheart? The usual is red roses, or jewelry, and/or dinner out at some fancy place you don’t go very often. This is always good, but you might try and think of something a bit more unusual this year.

Do you have boxes of family photos that you have been wanting to organize, or digitize so they don’t get more faded, or lost? I would suggest giving them a Gift Certificate for a scanning session this year. You can make it for any dollar amount you want or service that I provide. How about restoring a favorite family photo that means so much to the recipient?


A previous client had her phone stolen, along with thousands of pictures that had been saved to her phone. She was sick that all those pictures were gone. This happens more often than you think. It is important to download those photos to your computer hard drive. Or you can upload them to a cloud based service. Or both to be extra safe.

See you next month and more Good News!

Sue Thornton, Photo Organizing Solutions


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