Don’t you just love taking a road trip in the Fall of the year?   You can go to so many little towns in Texas and discover all kinds of cool things, and very nice people.

Last week I went on a Fall bus trip to the North Texas Hill Country.  We stopped at several small towns that had historical significance in the forming of Texas.  We stopped in Saint Jo, TX and started checking out the town and why it was important. The town was founded back when cattle drives were running through this area.  The Stonewall Saloon Museum is the oldest building in the county.  It was built for the Chisholm cattle drives.

The building has been many things over the years including, a saloon, a bank, a brothel, a general store.  It had fallen into disrepair until someone bought the building and has been restoring it to its former glory.  There are so many interesting items here.  You don’t want to miss it.

Other places you don’t want to miss is the Davis & Blevins Gallery on Main St.  This world class art gallery is more than you would ever think about in this small town of about 1,000. Beautiful art pieces for sale.

Just down the road is the Arché Winery.  We stopped for wine tasting here, and a box lunch.  Their wine is delicious, and they had several dry and sweet wines for us to try.  Since it was raining, we stayed inside and were not able to go out on the heated patio or into the vineyard.

Our next stop was in Nocona, TX and this town is famous for The Nakoma Ball Glove Factory which has made ball gloves for baseball teams since 1934.  We saw the entire process from start to finish, along with a history lesson on the Nakona Ball Glove Factory.  They will let you tour the facility if you let them know in advance.

We also stopped at the Horton Classic Car Museum in Nacona, TX.  If you ever wanted to see what any of the early corvettes looked like, come here and check it out!  I never saw so many cars in pristine condition ever!  The museum is housed in what was the Ford dealership.  Over 138 cars, which include 40 Corvettes featuring nearly every year of production from 1953 to 1978.

Then on to Muenster, TX.  Muenster is a primarily German Catholic city in western Cooke County, TX.  The population was 1,544 at the 2010 census. By the time we arrived in Muenster it as (still) raining and we were ready for a warm German dinner at Rohmer’s German Restaurant.  The food was awesome and was true German cuisine. Muenster is known for its Oktoberfest which is held the first weekend in October each year.

These little one-day trips are always fun and you get to visit some of small town Texas with friends or church groups. Don’t forget to take your camera and catch some interesting items at some of the museums on the way.  Then when you come back think about making a Travel Memory Book to look back on next winter!

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Happy Fall Traveling!

     Sue Thornton, Traveler and generally fun person!  Let me work on your travel albums today!

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