In a book that I recently read, ” A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos“, Why Save Your Photos?* , was actually the name of the first chapter.  So I ask you, the reader that same question.  Why do you save your photos?  Molly Bartlet writes, “Photos are so much more than a captured moment in time.  They ….

  • Inspire
  • Connect generations
  • Strengthen families and children
  • Celebrate life!”

Family photos can bring the past right into the present.  Have you ever been visiting someone in your family and starting looking at old family photo albums, isn’t that the most fun!  We can find out about some of our relatives, laugh at what they are wearing, or find out that your Great-Grandfather was in the military and fought in a major war.  Or, your Great-Great-Grandparents moved around several times during their marriage, living in several states over the years, remarried and had lots of children to help work on the farm.

Recently I had a client come to me with a couple of very old photographs of her and her father when she was just a very small child.  She had two of them.  Both nearly exactly alike, but they were very dark and looked to be almost a negative or a tintype.  She wanted to have them restored.  You see they were the only pictures she had of her dad.  When the restoration was finished I  returned her originals and gave her a current print of the restored photos.  She was thrilled and there were lots of tears from both of us,  she couldn’t wait to show them to the rest of her family.  For me, it felt very good to see the happy look on her face, I believe that I have found a friend for life!

Her reaction shows all of the above reasons WHY you should save all those photos.  Inspire.  Connect generations.  Strengthen families and children.  Celebrate life!

This client has given me permission to show you these photos as before and after but not to divulge her name.  Wouldn’t you love to have this reaction on some of your precious legacy photos.


So, Why Save Your Family Photos?   That is the question that I want to leave with you today.  Please leave a comment after the post, I would love to hear what you think about saving your family legacy.


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(Molly is a photo organizer in the upper Midwest and she wrote the book, “A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos”.)

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