Do you have boxes of older family albums? Do you want to preserve those items for future generations? What would you do if those photos and other memorabilia were destroyed in a house fire, or even water damage to your home?

Were you given a box of old photos from a grandparent or parent when they passed? Many of those albums are rapidly deteriorating due to age and if they have been exposed to heat or light. The more those older photos are exposed to differing climate changes, the more washed out the colors will become. Usually these albums are on black paper, the photos have been put into the book with photo corners or even glued down. Some, not all, have written descriptions in white ink. Unless you had a family member who was really good at putting descriptions on those pages we may not know “who” is actually in the photos themselves.

If you have any of the “magnetic” type of albums, you should remove the photos from them as soon as possible. The glue used to keep the photos in place along with the plastic sheet that went over the page are actually causing the photos to absorb the glue and that will cause the photos to deteriorate more and more. You can scan those photos and store them in an archival safe box, but do not put then back into a magnetic album.

We can actually scan entire pages of these books, digitize them, and save them to put into a digital memory book, or if you are into genealogy, these images can be added to that family information. More and more people are looking into their family history and wanting to preserve those memories.

I believe that it is so important to scan those pictures and to save them because the longer the photos are in boxes, attics, or garages they will continue to deteriorate. Photo Organizing Solutions can help you make sure those photo memories are around for future generations. We help you Get Round TUIT!

Sue Thornton

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