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Check out this great blog from Cathi Nelson about what to know when digitizing your photos.  There are three routes you can take when you decide to scan your photos for further safekeeping.  You can do it yourself by purchasing or renting a scanner, ship your photos away to a scanning service, or hire someone locally to scan your photos.

Is DIY Photo Scanning Right for You?

Pro:  Taking on the task of photo scanning yourself can be a fun way to reconnect with your memories.

Con: Finding the time and motivation to get the job done is difficult for many.

Cathi Nelson’s blog is on Houzz.  She has written several articles for them regarding saving your photos.

Take advantage of her expertise on this subject.  She is the President of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers and has speaking engagement world wide.  Just recently in London, and this week in Cleveland for our 5th Annual Conference.

Remember click on Houzz to read her excellent article.

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